This wonderful poem was posted by a favorite blogger of mine. Thank you, Sara.

The Practical Mystic

Shakti - Zeng Hao Shakti by artist Zeng Hao

My dear friends, I read this today and had to share it with you. It is the final prayer in Tosha Silver’s book, Outrageous Openness, and no matter how many times I read it, it always seems so perfect and appropriate, so calming and reassuring.

For you today, and all days:


Something happens after you align with the Divine for a while.

You begin to feel on a cellular level
that things are unfolding exactly
in the way that they should.
At the rate and timing they need.

You start to trust the process.

You relax from the endless pushing
that most of us learned at birth.

On some fundamental, mysterious level,
you just let go.

Not with that bitterness people feel
when they fear the (ego’s) dreams won’t occur.
Not with passivity
as right actions DO get shown.

Rather you relax…

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