This blog is intended to gather information that can help achieve a better self, a better life, and a better world

The first thing I put on this blog was a promotion of a wonderful book, Fighting to Win written by my husband, David J. Rogers.

In his book he says to his readers, “Focus on your purpose!” And I’ve wondered what my purpose is. I do not have one single purpose in life. I have many. But when I think about it, they all boil down to being a better person in the many different areas of my life

A better wife

A better mother

A better grandmother

A better teacher

A better contributor to society

A healthier person

A more righteous person

A kinder person

Learning and teaching are central to my identity. I have always been driven to learn and to share what I have learned with others. And that’s why I have started this blog—to teach a bit, and much more important, to learn from others how to become better in all the areas of my life.  And by becoming a better person I hope that I will also join with others working to make a better world.


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